UAE Visa: Dubai Visa Application Process

UAE visa is required to travel to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other cities. This article will walk you through the visa application steps and processes to get approved.

Dubai Visa Application

Welcome, let's show you how to apply for Dubai Visa, you need not to go nowhere. Just sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and assimilate what we have for you today. You are just on the right page. 

Dubai is the most popular city the United Arab Emirates (UAE)  which has always been a center of attraction to the world. Most people visit Dubai for Vacation while others might travel there to further their education but whatever your reason might be. 

Categories of Dubai Visa

There are different categories of Dubai Visa you can apply for. Check them out below and know the one that suits you most. 

1. The 96 hour Visa

This kind of visa is meant for those who only wish to travel to Dubai to spend some hours there for relaxation, tour, conference, e.t. c. You are only meant to spend a maximum of 4 days there. This kind of Visa is worth $64.

2. The 14-day Visa (Single Entry)

Another category of visa whose validity is quit longer than the 96 hour Visa. The 14-day visit is mainly for short visit to Dubai. It's validity lasts for a period of 14 days and it is non-extendable. This Visa is worth $83.

3. The 30-day Visa (Single Entry)

This visa too is a non-extendable one too that its validity last for a period of 58 days from the date the Visa was issued. This visa is just another short visit visa that longer than the 14 - day Visa. It is worth $83.

4. The 30-day Multi-Entry Visa

This is a visa best fit for family and tourists that want to spend a period of one month in Dubai together. This visa is worth $168.

5. The 90-day Visa(Single Entry)

It visa valid for a period 3 months where you stay longer in Dubai compare to the 30-day single entry visa. It known to cost $175.

6. The 90-day Visa ( Multi-Entry)

This Visa is cool for those that wants to visit Dubai with their family and friends for an approximate period of 3 months . It is known to worth $426.

NOTE: You should also note that the cancelation of these Visas is worth about $23.

Dubai Visa Requirements

Now , that you know the category you wish to get and the cost. So, we will be putting you through and guiding you on everything you need in order to get the Dubai Visa and how to apply successfully.

Stage 1: Ensure your required documents are ready

Yes, like every other applications out there. Below are some the documents that are needed for a successful application. 

  • Your International Passport - Note that its validity must be more than 6 months. 
  • Photocopies of your international passport - These Photocopies should be in its coloured format. It must cover the photo page and the bio page (page that covers all your basic information). 
  • Coloured photocopies of other pages like the expiry page, professional page, and other important pages endorsing the passport. 
  • A coloured passport photograph that has your full name written at blank area of the passport photograph (normally at the reverse side) 
  • A ticket that is confirmed by the Emirate Airline.
  • If you are not a Nigerian, then you need a coloured copy of residence permit visa and CERPAC. 

Stage 2: Confirm if you are eligible for the visa

This stage is really important and necessary so that your visa won't be wasted. So below are the eligibility criteria for Dubai Visa.

  • Travel Record: This is for those that have travelled before or must have been traveling for the past two years. It may be UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or any Schengen Country. It might be that you hold any valid Visa of these countries - then your will be asked to provide the pages of the Visa that was stamped. 
  • Financial Record: Your bank statement is one of these records. Your financial record is needed for to confirm that you have enough funds to sustain your stay in Dubai. This record should show your transactions for the past 6 months and must be signed and sealed by the bank. Another financial record is your salary pay slip that is being signed and sealed by the employer, company, manager e.t. c If you don't have any financial record to show, then another option for you is to make a deposit of $1500 which will be refunded to you after producing your entry and exit stamp out of Dubai. 
  • You are eligible if you are invited to by a family member who resides in Dubai but you should note that this invite will be valid only-  if you are a spouse, a child under 21, or a parent that is above the age of 60. Incase, you will be traveling through this means, then you will be needed to produce. 
    1. A birth certificate if you are a child below 21 or a parent. 
    2. A marriage certificate if you are a spouse.
    3. And generally, a letter of invitation along with a copy of labor contract signed by the Emirate Commercial Section in Dubai. 
  • Incase you are a student traveling without your parent; You will be required to produce the following listed below. 
    1. A NOC letter from you parents
    2. Your student identity card. 
    3. Your parents photo identity card
    4. Address of your relative in UAE

Stage 3: Fill your application form

This is just an easy stage where all that is needed is to download the form and fill it completely. Download the form here. Ensure you fill the information correctly attached with your passport photograph normally of the size ( 4.3cm × 5.5cm). The passport should be on white background. 

Stage 4: Submission of form and all required documents we mentioned earlier

Where is this done?  I guess that is the question that popped up your mind right now. Well it all depends on your location/country. All you need to do is to locate a Dubai Visa Application Center within your reach to make the submissions. Remember to go along with photocopies of your airline ticket and also the photocopies of the endorsed pages of your international passport. 

Stage 5 : Wait for a period of 3 - 4 working days for your visa to be processed. 

Incase you have further questions concerning the Dubai Visa, you can send a mail to

Now that you have gotten all the steps on how to apply for Dubai Visa, don't you think someone else might be dying to see this?  

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