Top 9 Best Paying Jobs in USA

Some Professions in US earn more salary than others. This is due to need and importance of some careers. Hence, this piece contains list Jobs with high pay in America.

Top Best Paying Jobs in USA

The main reason for us going to schools and institutions of higher learning is to be able to learn. The knowledge we get is to help in securing a good job to improve our lives. This is the dream that every person has, and we always work towards achieving it. 

The big question is, are you in the right profession? 

In the corporate world, things are changing, some jobs are becoming extinct, and others are being created. Therefore, you need to know the kind of profession you would want to work in.

The United State is a land of opportunity and will require one to be diverse and skilled. And there are various jobs that you can opt for to be able to earn a decent living. When searching for your dream job, ensure that it is sustainable and will remain relevant in the future.

All you need to know about jobs in USA

The American dream is what many people hope and pray for. The country is developed and continues to grow its economy. This is seen in the power that the dollar holds in the world. It has not been a smooth process for the nation since the economy was stunted at some point. This made it hard for one to gain any form of employment. 

In 2008 the country made its recovery from the economic recession swiftly and continued to grow steadily. There has been a rise in the number of employed persons in the state. Hence a huge population in the country is employed and can afford a meal on the table. The 11.9 percent growth in the GDP is proof of having a healthy economy. 

The economy is made up of blue and white collar jobs. Therefore, you can easily get employed what it takes is making the first step which is applying. For the economy to keep on growing it means there are many avenues of employment opened to the people. To survive in this part of the world you will have to be aggressive and creative. This will ensure that you compete fairly in the market and remain relevant.

There are typical jobs that you can apply for to be able to earn a living. The positions will require a bit of your time and persistence to be able to maintain one. There are relevant skills necessary to be able to do them. The jobs include retail salespersons, cashiers, material movers, waiting tables, salespersons, customer service representatives, janitors, stock clerks, and order fillers, truck drivers, and administrative assistants. 

The economy is also fuelled by high skilled jobs. This means you will be required to have a certain kind of skill set to be able to undertake any task. The top jobs in the USA are rated as high paying will need you to be equipped with specific skills. This will incorporate the soft and hard skills.  

Top Professions In USA

The following are the high paying jobs in the country that should top your list when out searching for a job. Here are some of the professional careers that you can choose from.

1. Medical and health services manager

This refers to persons who are in charge of the daily activities of the hospitals. They ensure that the hospital services are running smoothly and deliver quality services to its patient. The average salary for a particular position is $96,540. It is estimated that the growth between the years 2016 to 2026 will be at 19.8 percent.

2. Political scientist 

A political scientist is in charge of the analytical aspect of the country. They are to check how the policies made affect the countries' businesses, people, and the government as well. This will enable them to foretell about future trends. 

The places that you can be employed are the local government and even non-governmental organizations. The projected growth between the ears 2016 to 2026 is 2.1 percent. The median annual salary is $114,290.

3. Surgeon

This is a demanding job as the doctor is expected to handle a complex task when it comes to the human body. They are to operate and correct the defective organs of a person. 

After a surgeon has completed their degree program, they are to serve as residences for a maximum of five years. This will enable them to acquire essential skill in the field of medicine. The median annual salary for a surgeon in the country is $252,910. The demand is expected to grow by 16.8 percent.  

4. Psychiatrist

Unlike the surgeons who deal with the body, psychiatrist deals with the mental aspect of human life. With the high numbers of suicide cases and self-harm, the demand for this particular service has grown. 

It is estimated that it will grow by 13.1 percent in the next years. They are expected to talk to an individual to enable them to know their mental stability and empower them on ways to face their fears. The annual income is $194,740.

5. IT Manager

The managers are in charge of updating the hardware and software in an organization or company. Apart from the updates, they are to protect the data in the organizations from hackers and virus that may corrupt important information. 

Technology is a dynamic field that requires the manager to be up to date with the latest tech to be able to achieve quality in their work. The demand is expected to grow 11.9 in the future. The income for a profession in this field is $153,800

6. Marketing manager

They are responsible for handling the communication between the consumers and the company. Other task includes hiring fresh talent to add value to the organization and marketing the company's services and products. The estimated growth is 10 percent in the next years, and the income for this line work $131,180.

7. Nurse anesthetist

They are nurses who are administering anesthesia to patients during surgery or other medical procedures. To be a qualified nurse for this profession, one will have to complete one year at the critical care experience. A master's degree is required as well form an accredited institution. The projected growth for this profession is 16 percent, and the income for an individual is $160,270.     

8. Petroleum engineer

This refers to the use of modern technology to untap oil. The industry is managed by the federal government and gives opportunities for students to learn this art. They are to receive a stipend when working as interns in this profession.

 It is projected to grow at a rate of 14.5 percent. The average income for an individual working in this field is $128,230.  

9. Business-operation manager

The managers take care of the daily activities of the firm. These activities include hiring, making strategic decision, and negotiating contracts. The annual income is projected to be $99,310. Statistics show that the profession is increasing in demanding by 9.1 percent.

Important Skills For Work In USA

The skill set you possess will enable you to land a job in the country. Some skills you do not need to attend an institution to learn. There are two types of skill sets required.

General skill: This will entirely depend on your personality. The expertise includes time management, self-drive, and communication skills to be able to work in USA.

The specific skills: It will require you to go into an institution and learn the ropes about the particular task. This ensures you deliver quality output to an organization or company.

There are different categories of these skills that you should be aware of before starting a job hunt. Having known the skills required will increase your chances of getting employed. The skills include

Hard skills

These are skills acquired through training programs and formal education. They give you the expertise to handle a particular task and are job specific as well. The hard skills include 

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Computer programming
  • Web design
  • Legal
  • Could computing
  • Natural language processing
  • Data analysis
  • Writing
  • Electrical
  • Manufacturing

Soft skills or Employable skills

Soft skill is equally essential for the success of a firm. To be able to land position in a particular profession, these set of expertise cannot be ignored. This enables the manager or company to learn about the character of an employee and know how they work with others. These are a combination of communication, social, and people skills. It includes

  • Problem solving skills
  • Ability to accept and learn from criticism
  • Self-confidence
  • Time management capabilities
  • Good communication skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Flexibility
  • Work well under pressure
  • Team player and can work with any employee 
  • Positive attitude towards work
  • Work under minimum supervision

Essential Considerations While Seeking For Job In USA

For you to get hired and work in USA, there are things to be considered. This will ensure you are successful. Here are some of the tips to get you the dream  

  1. In the country, most of the job applications are made via email. For you to be successful, ensure you attach all the relevant documents before sending the mail. The applications should have a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and relevant certificates or documents. Make sure you have a functional email address.
  2. You should write a formal application to the employer to show your interest in the position. This should be done even if you know the employer.
  3. Most of the companies these days have moved to the digital world. Therefore, most of them have websites where they post their adverts. Make sure you visit their web pages to see if there are application forms to be filled. Ensure you follow all the steps carefully and input the right information.
  4. Your resume should have two pages maximum and follow the chronological format. The header should state your name, address, and contact details. This is to be followed by a brief description of our occupation and qualifications. It should be done in three sentences and not more.  
  5. At the professional section of your CV, you should state employment history from the current moving downwards. Add bullet points to explain the position you held in the previous organizations.  
  6. Sharpen your communication and language skills to ensure you are fluent
  7. Some professions, such as teaching will require changing your accreditation to the USA equivalent. This increases your chances hence ensure you know the job description before applying.
  8. The laws of the land are also an important fact to be aware of before applying for a job. Ensure that the work you are seeking is in line with the constitution.

How Immigrants Can Access Skilled Jobs In US

The country offers equal opportunity for foreign citizens to get employment. There is the U.S citizenship and immigration services (USCIS). It is the agency in charge of immigrants seeking employment into the country. This is one of its tasks.

The offices are based in Atlanta, Georgia, and their responsibility is Administering of immigration services and benefits, and issuing of employment authorization documents. This should be the first stop for you the moment you arrive in the country to avoid deportation.

There are also other agencies such as the International Nurse Recruitment Agency, Immigration, and Customs Enforcement. The nursing agency has enabled people from different countries to secure employment in this field. It liaises with USCIS to be able to achieve this.

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Working in U.S is something that we all look for, and when given a chance, we take it without looking back. This is the right approach, but it is better to lean back and try to analyze the kind of work we are looking for. There are requirements that you are to meet and do not take short cuts in this to avoid trouble. Apply for a job using the right channels and credentials to be successful in your application.


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