Top 10 Job Professions and Salaries in Canada

Job Professions and Salaries in Canada

You might definitely have a dream to work in Canada with a job that can make you a reasonable income. Well, today we will be bringing to you some of the available jobs to do in Canada and their salaries. Therefore you should be glad that you landed on this page.

Canada is such a wonderful place in the North America with a good economy. Therefore, you're most likely to make a good  income from any job you do in Canada. 

Meanwhile checkout some of the top paying and available jobs in Canada with their salaries below;

Job Career in Canada with Salary Grades

1.    Nurses - Salary range from $19 to $60.7 per hour

Well, this should not be surprising because of the fact that Nurses are widely known to belong to the list of highest working earners around the world . Therefore Canada is not left out when it comes to paying nurses a reasonable sum of money as salary. You can imagine getting paid about $19 to $60.7 per hour, Isn't that cool? However, are you aware that saving lives cost more? Therefore, it is really profitable to work in Canada as a Nurse.

2.    Software  Engineers -  Salary range from $48,000 to $153,000 per year

I'm very sure that you will agree with me that technology is taking over the present century and it is most likely to take over the future. Software engineers are those that are able to apply the engineering principle to create, maintain, test, and evaluate softwares. No computer can do without a software, therefore there is no organization that won't feel the impact of the software engineer.It has been estimated that these people earn an average of $90,000 per year in Canada.

3.    Lecturer - Salary range from $29,000 to &215,000

Like you already know that those in the academia field don't get their pay up to their value. But the case is different in Canada because they tend to value lecturer and ensure they are well paid. In case you are lecturer that have already lost hope in earning a cool sum of money, I think Canada is one of the best places for you to be.They are known to earn an average of $100,327 per year.

4.    Accounting Manager - Salary range from $57,000 to $101,000 per year

Accounting is one of the top rated courses in the higher institution. Meanwhile do you know the who an account manager is? If NO, then an Account Manager is a person who manages an organization, business and its relationship with the customers. The average salary that an Account Manager earn is $83,000 per year. Aside from the normal salary, they also get commissions from other places which increase their earnings. Incase you have a degree in accounting or its related; you are likely to make some good money as an accounting manager in Canada.

5.    Anesthesiologist - Salary range from $109,000 to $580,000 per year

An anesthesiologist is a person who provides medication and reliefs to pain related issues in the body. Well, the huge amount being paid to anesthesiologist yearly should not be a surprise to you. Reason is because all medical related professions are usually well paid; especially if you work in Canada. An average of $298,801 is being paid yearly to an anesthesiologist in Canada.

6.    Aerospace Engineer - Salary range from $49,000 to $110,000 per year

The demand for an aerospace engineer keeps growing in Canada because most of the aerospace engineers over there are getting to the retirement age. The average salary of an aerospace engineer in Canada per year is $75,347. If this is your field of study in the higher institution, then you should consider getting a visa to work in Canada because you will get a good pay. You may also choose to study aerospace engineering in Canada because there are several institution that offer the course over there.

7.    IT Project manager - Salary range from $ 53,500 to $170,000

Being an IT manager is one of the most profitable work in Canada because they  are being paid an average of $100,000 per year. An IT manager can combine the knowledge of technology,organization management and skills to make a productive company. For you to become an IT manager, you will need to study any IT course and its related in the higher institution.

8.    Sales Representative - Salary range from $31,700 to $ 74,000 per year

Maybe this job sounds ordinary to you but the fact that they also get a good pay cannot be neglected. The average salary a sales representative get per year is approximately $49,652. Aside this salary, most sales representatives do get some commissions and profits from some sales they made. Sales representative is one of the most available work in Canada today because the demand keeps increasing by the day. In other to be a sales representative, you do not need any specific college degree but all you need is the skill and energy.

9.    Industrial Electrician - Salary range from $48,750 to $81,500 per year

The demand for an industrial Electrician is high in Canada which makes it one of the most available work over there. An industrial electrician gets paid an average of $70,050 per year. This job is totally a practical one, therefore getting a degree is not necessary. All you need is to do is to go for some real vocational training, then you are good to go.

10.    Optician - Salary range from $10.20 to $38.00 per hour

If Canadians where to be observed closely, one would discover that many of them use recommended glasses. Which simply implies that there is a high rate of eye defects over there. So therefore the service of an optician will always be needed. This has made opticians be one of the most available works in Canada. The average pay for an optician is about $21.94 per hour. In your want become an optician you need to go through a professional training program and also pass the National Optical Science Examination.

Note that you will need a Canada Work Permit in order to work and earn salaries/wages in Canada.

There are many other available jobs in Canada but you can always consider the above mentioned jobs. That is if you wish to work in Canada.

Also, this cost of living in different Provinces in Canada will help you make you decision.

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