Canada Work Permit | Requirements And Application Steps

Persons who wish to work in Canada require a Canada Work Permit. This page will walk you through the requirements and application process for the work Visa.

Canada Work Permit

A work permit is an official document granting a foreigner the legal right to take a job within the country; taking Canada as a case study. In Canada the work permit is given by the Immigration of Canada under the office of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. 

Types of Canada Work Permit

There are four tiers of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Canada, they are 

  • Work Permit for High skilled workers
  • Work Permit for low skilled workers
  • Work Permit for Agricultural Inclined Immigrants
  • Work Permit for Live In Caregiver Program

It is important to know to that the Agricultural program and Live-in Caregiver Program have special work permit in Canada.

Conditions to be met before Canada Work Permit is Issued

For this work permit to be admissible the following conjunctions must be met: 

  • An employer in Canada must have secured your services and sent you a job offer letter which is one of the foremost requirement for your proposed visa application
  • The Canadian employer must have tendered an application on your behalf under the auspices of the Employment and Social Development Canada through the Labor Market Impact Assessment.
  • Employment and Social Development Canada would have to confirm your employability status as a foreign worker

Qualifications Endorsing Immigrants for Work Permit

The Express Entry Immigration System is the platform implemented by the Canadian Government to incorporate and establish immigrants primarily for employment unto permanent residents. It is an online Immigration system for application. This platform allows prospective immigrants to submit their profile and empowers them to be considered as Canadian immigrants. After due deliberation the applicants within the range of the standard set by the Immigration will be able to apply for permanent residency.

The permanent residence status usually takes up to 6 months for the Immigration to complete your status.

This Express Entry program covers for the skilled Worker Program, Skilled trade program and the Canadian Experience class. Immigrants qualify for the Express Entry when they meet necessary prerequisites outlined by the Express Entry Program. Skilled workers who meet empirical requisite and desire them must submit a substantial application for consideration. In order for these candidates to be considered for employment, their details are weighed in the Workers Program System.  When All the application is collated, the candidates ranking highest within the range of expected numeric measures are invited to apply for the status of permanent residence. 

What's more, those invited are expected to submit complete application within a stipulated time which is not more than 3 months.

Who are federal skilled workers in the Canadian context?

These are immigrants with Misrepresentation qualifications,  work experience, age, spoken language, and those who have been granted the permission to register under the Express Entry Immigration System to apply for the status permanent residence.

The following conditions must be met by anticipating immigrants in order to be admissible for the federal skilled worker visa: 

  • The immigrant must have had a one year paid work experience or an equivalent of such paid employment
  • This work experience as stated by the applicant must be categorized within certain approved skill levels - These maybe Professional, Managerial or Technical roles as defined by the National Occupational Classification System
  • They must demonstrated a commensurate level of Spoken English that is proportionate to Canadian standards
  • They must be able to demonstrate a reasonable funding for their stay pending the time they will get their first wage for paid employment.  
  • They must pass necessary medical tests and have their security profile cleared.

Factors Used to Evaluate Immigrants During the Express Entry Assessment; 

  • Education 
  • Employment Experience 
  • Age 
  • Language 
  • Adaptability 
  • Arranged Employment

The Express Entry Immigration program try to obtain the candidates with the highest ratings in terms of economic potential and contribution to Canada

The new program seeks to select candidates with the highest probability of economic settlement success and contribution to Canada.

Factors for Selection under the Federal Skilled Workers Program

To be considered for the federal skilled worker program, prospective immigrants must satisfy the requirements for language proficiency and work experience

Points to Note to Avoid Disqualification in Express Entry

It has been observed that thousands of applications are received annually for the purpose of permanent residence in Canada and many of these applicants have their application turned down because of many reasons. Out of the pool of these reasons, we have selected some common ones we have found to be the major points for disqualification. 

We cannot over-emphasize the effect a visa denial can have on applicants. It is pertinent to note that many of these reasons can be avoidable if only these applicants consider doing the following

  • Misrepresentation

Many prospective immigrants always misunderstand the questions in the application form. Some do not consider the instructions carefully. Applicants should take note of avoidable mistakes and not be too quick to respond to the questions asked. Any falsification of name, impersonation of any detail can lead to instant dismissal of the whole process.

Prospective immigrants should note that the consequences of this mistake may also lead to a two year ban from reapplying for this program

  • Medical Issues

Medical examination in the whole process is a foremost factor that can disqualify applicants. Prospective immigrants must submit a report that is according to the standards of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

For instance, Immigrants with medical issues such as diabetes, cancer etc., are considered a burden to the Canadian Healthcare System and the Citizenship and Immigration Canada has the authority to repudiate the application of those found wanting even when they have been proven to be qualified for the Work Permit program. This knowledge is vital to make informed decision

  • Crime and Crime history

The Canadian immigration are saddled with the responsibility of running a backdrop check on the applicant to know if such a one had been a convict before or such is still serving a running conviction. 

The safety of the Canadian residents is paramount to the government and as a result, the Immigration won't admit any prospective applicant for compromising reason of found wanting.

On the other hand, when a prospective applicant is free from such criminal checks, the other stages for the application becomes seamless 

It is expedient for prospective applicant to consult with legal authority to know if there are ways such clause can be lifted for admissibility. Nothing is impossible!

  • Missing a deadline

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada have made efforts to make application process easier for applicants. Thus, measures have been put in place to ensure applicants work with anticipated time lapse for their application. With this in mind, prospective immigrants will be up and doing to ensure their documents are submitted in time as failure to do this may lead to straight refusal.

Other factors to be considered are failure to attach documents and submitting application without proper knowledge of the prerequisite.

How to Apply for Canada Work Permit

To apply for Canada work visa, visit and fill the application form.

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada, kindly checkout Canada Express Entry Program

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