Steps to Improve CRS Score points for Canada Express Entry

High Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) point is necessary to succeed in Canada Express Entry Program. This page enumerates how to improve your CRS point.
Improve CRS Score Point

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The economy of a state is essential as this determines the ratio of employment and unemployment. This has seen countries that have a stable economy receiving an influx of immigrants from different parts of world. They are seeking greener pastures to feed themselves and their families.

This has seen most of the developed countries coming up with strict laws to reduce the influx levels. Canada has gone a step further and come up with a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The system is supposed to filter applicants according to their skill set. Therefore, it makes it easier for you to acquire gainful employment and permanent residence at the same time. 

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Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score

CRS refers to points that you are awarded according to the information on your profile. Each applicant is ranked in the Canada Express Entry Pool, and the one with the highest points gets a pass. The points you are given depends on the following factors. 

  • Work experience
  • Skills 
  • Language ability
  • Your level of education and that of your common-law partner or spouse
  • The approval by own government to become a permanent resident
  • Having an approved job offer. The Labour Market Impact Assessment should support this.

The system has three sections that you can choose to apply under. It includes the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Program, and lastly the Canadian Experience Class. The program determines the points you get on your profile which is out of 1200 points. 

CRS point categories for Canada Express Entry

The scores are divided into two categories, each bearing 600 points. The categories include;


This includes the following factors;

  • The skills and experience that you possess.
  • Spouse's language and level of education also determines the points.
  • Your skills transferability is also a core factor to consider.


This section has the following parameters that you are to consider;

  • Having a valid job offer adds you points in the system. 
  • Having a brother or a sister who is living in the country is an added advantage. 
  • If you also possess a Canadian degree, diploma, or certificate.
  • If you have a strong French language skills. 
  • Having a nomination from a province in the country.

Types of Canada Immigration Programs 

Apart from the three programs mentioned above, other programs exist and can get you into the country. However, some of them are still liked to the primary system the CRS. The programs include;

Canadian family sponsorship

Have you tried to get into Canada and your application has been unsuccessful? Then this is the door for you. It is the ideal perfect gate pass for you to get into the country without experience the long wait. Using this channel, you can work your way up the economic ladder.

However, there is a catch, you have to be related to your siblings by blood. They should be living in the country as citizens or permanent resident. Here are the advantages of using this platform 

  • You can visit or settle in any part of the country.
  • Your application will take a short time to be approved unlike the other programs.
  • The CRS score reduces. But the advantage is that you will get an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence (ITA) faster compared to the rest.  

Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs)

The state has provinces which use their programs which are linked to the Express Entry system. They set the requirements that you are supposed to meet. Once you have met all of them, you will be nominated to take up the post or profession in question. 

The nominated candidate by the province gets 600 points on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).  This speeds up the (ITA) process. The only disadvantage is that your application will depend on the agency. 

Quebec immigration

Quebec is a province in the Canada; but, has its own program. Hence, they have their set of rules and regulations which have to be followed according to law of the land. The visa application for this particular province takes 15 to 17 months to mature. There are two classes that you can apply under, they are

  • Quebec Experience class
  • Business or investors class

How to Improve CRS Score Points

For you to increases your chances of being selected, you have to work on your CRS score. Getting more points will make you stand out and open an opportunity for you and your family. To improve your score, here are some of the things to do.  

1. Language skills

It’s a vital skill set that you have to consider when applying for permanent residency. You have to prove that your ability to understand English or French. If you are conversant with the two, the better your points.

The evaluation is done by taking a test in the programs available. The systems covers four categories in a language test, these are; listening, speaking, writing, and reading. A Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) which ranges from level 4 to 10, is used in ranking. 

There is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). It assess your level of understanding the English language. This includes how you write, read, listen, and even speak it.

The points awarded after the test is 260 for an individual who has passed. This falls under level 10, which is the highest. If you are a couple, the maximum points to score is 270.

For a second official language, you have to take a French test. To be considered qualified after taking the d'evaluation du francais (TEF); you need to get the CLB level 7. This is 30 points maximum. If you have failed in the previous tests, you can retake it them to improve your score.

Checkout the Important facts about IELTS english examination.

2. Work experience

Having more work experience enables you to earn extra points in the system. Your expertise is ranked under the National occupational and classification (NOC). The skill levels are categorized as 0, A or B. It determines the score in your profile. 

The points also depend on whether you are a full time or a part-time employee. The key to improving the score is by increasing your work experience. Especially if you are working outside Canada. This gives you a high chance of getting into the state. Plus make sure you are always you maintain the legal working status when working in the Country.   

3. Education 

Academic papers are equally important if you want to increase your points. It accumulates a maximum of 230 points. To attain this, you need to add more credentials to your name. For example, registering and completing an additional degree or even masters programs. 

When you obtain additional Educational Credential Assessments (ECA) form your program, there is an automatic increase in extra points. If you are living outside the country, then only one of the ECA is needed. For those who are in the Canadian Express Class and Federal Skilled Trades Class, no Educational Credential Assessment is required.

4. The spouse might be a better principal applicant

According to the system, if a couple applies, then they are entitled to get extra points. Therefore it is better to apply for the residency as one unit. On the other hand, your points might not be the same. Therefore we advise that you consider using the spouse who has a higher rating as the principal applicant. 

5. Job offers

Having a valid job offer gets you 50 or 200 extra points in the system. However, the points will depend on your position. An occupation that is under the Major Group 00 Senior Management Occupation classification will be awarded 200 points. On the other hand, those who fall under 0, A or B level attain 50 points. For the offer to be accepted by the government, it has to state the job requirements.  

6. Provincial nomination

If you have been nominated by a Canadian province to become a permanent resident, you are to get 600 points. This increases your chances, and you will get a direct request to apply for residence. To land a nomination from the provinces, document your work experience. This is because the region usually looks for a particular skill set.

7. Siblings living in the country

You get to have 15 extra points by proving that you have a blood-related brother or sister. Plus they should be a permanent resident in the state. This increases the chances of getting into the Express Entry Pool. 

You can calculate your CRS score at Canada IRCC website.

Requirements For Canada Express Entry

For your application to be successful, some things need to be followed. Kindly visit the Canada Express Entry Eligibility page to check if you are eligible for the program. 

Apart from answering the few questions regarding your age, gender, nationality, education, work experience, language ability, among others. You need to present the following documents.

Police document: this is to show that you don’t have any criminal charges or pending cases in court. 

Medical report: it show that you have taken the required vaccines. Plus the report also indicates your medical history. This helps them to know if you have any chronic disease that requires immediate attention.

Educational Credentials Assessment: you are also supposed to carry the educational assessment report. More so if you are from outside the country, the report increases your points.

International Passport: The state requires you to show your passport to prove your identity.  

Provincial Nomination: It is vital to carry this document or even add it to your profile. If you have a written job offer from an organization, the better. This is because the report might speed up the process saving you time.

Language Proficiency: Before the Express Entry Application, you need to have a good command of English. This will ensure that you communicate with others smoothly. Therefore you will need to show the language test result to prove that you understand the language.

Visit Canada Express Entry page to Learn more about the program and application procedure.

Final word

Canada is one of the best-developed nations that one can dream to work and live in. It has all the comfort, and it is even a perfect place to raise your family. Therefore we recommend that you utilize the online platforms to apply for permanent residency. 

Ensure that you follow all the required steps. There are no shortcuts for you to get into the country. It is not an easy task but if you work on improving your CRS score, it will surely make you to stand out from the rest. Ensure you update your profile every time and take the test as many times as you can. Who knows maybe the next test you take is the key to getting into Canada.

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