Best Hotels in the UK for Holidays and Business Trip

Are you going to spend your holiday break or have a business trip to the UK? There are so many picturesque places that you can visit during the holidays in the UK or do a lot of work during your business trip to the UK. Well, all sounds like requires you a perfect place to stay in for you to be able to spend most of your nights and even days to stay in. Well, there is a need for you to find a hotel that can provide all your needed comfort, just like the feeling at home. You certainly are looking for hotels with fuss-free services and round-the-clock amenities which will suit your need.

List of Best Hotels in the UK for Holidays and Business Travels

There are over 40 000 hotels in the UK which will make it hard for you to choose from them.  To help you find the best among the overwhelming number of hotels in the UK, here are the Top 14 best-ranked hotels for your UK accommodation which includes their respect website links and price estimates to help you with your reservation:

1. The Elm Tree Hotel

Recognized as UK’s most bargain and romantic hotel.  You can experience state of the art standards with realistic prices with this hotel. This is one of the smallest hotels but harnesses the hearts of their customers. They are built with 14 luxurious and comfortable rooms with fully packed amenities that you ever wanted. 

Price: Starts at £130/night


2. Lawton & Lauriston Court Hotel

Garnering an excellent review from its customers, Lawton and Lauriston Court hotel provides world-class service. Feel the warm, welcoming mantra of the place. Experience a relaxing view as it is located in a seafront opposite the pier on Llandudno promenade.

Price: starts from £80 with min. 2-night stay


3. Hotel 41

A five-star boutique hotel in London which provides exclusive services. Feel like royalty with their stunning executive lounge and their timeless black and white themed rooms. Be delighted by the views of Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace.  Consider this as your dream hotel and making those dream come true requires you to spend a few your extra savings.

Price: start from 347/night


4. Tavistock House Hotel

Book the specific room that you wanted at the best price you can afford with Tavistock House hotel. This privately owned hotel in Tavistock Devon offers a warm and friendly surrounding for its customers.  There are varieties of the room that you may choose from starting from a cozy double bedroom (Classic king) to a spacious Luxury Super King. 

Price: £104-£143/night


5. The Egerton House Hotel

This is another five-star boutique hotel in London.  Have an enchanting feeling with its elegant traditional style and marks a unique character for your UK accommodation.  The beautiful harmony of indoor plants and a small garden by the main entrance is such magnificent scenery. 

Price: start from £347/night


6. Grasmere Hotel

Be amazed by their excellent service, stylish accommodation, and contemporary comfort in a small luxury country house. It is one of the most picture-worthy establishments in the villages of Lake District. 

Price:  Start at £80/night


7. The Milestone Hotel and Residences

This hotel runs with one of the best servicing team for your UK accommodation, located at the opposite of Kensington Palace and Garden. This hotel looks like a historic hotel with an elegant touch of ambiance.  Appreciate the beauty and experience one of a kind service as you become one of their hotel guests. 

Price: Starts from £303


8. The Montcalm London Marble Arc 

One of London's exciting hotels, which is situated at the top of Park Lane. It is built with 153 bedrooms which are styled to provide pleasurable comfort. Among these bedrooms are 14 lavish suites with state of the art amenities. 

Price: Start at £240


9. Bishop’s Gate Hotel

Built in the year 1899, Bishop's Gate Hotel has one of the fascinating interior design. The beautifully crafted Edwardian architecture, luxurious facilities, and contemporary designs are perfect for you. Be an honored guest and experience their expanded ballroom area and have one of their 31 guest rooms reserved.  For those who love to socialize, their "Wig and Gown Champagne Bar” is waiting for you. 

Price: Start at £115


10. Hotel La Place

Spend your days in the United Kingdom at one of the traveler's choice hotel. Hotel La Place is just a few blocks away from UK's islands famous beaches. If you are not fond of having a long trip after getting off the plane, this place is just a few minutes away from the airport.  Appreciate the view of the Jersey countryside or the hotel.

Price: £142-£218/night


11. The Green Park Hotel 

One of the popular family run hotels in the UK.  It is located in western outskirts of Pitlochry. Considering them as your hotel to rest in is perfect, especially for those who want to see unrivaled views as a best-positioned hotel in Pitlochry.  For those who want to tour around the Southern Highlands and Perthshire, call for a reservation with them. 

Price: Starts at £105.00/night


12. The Stafford London

Relax on one of London’s finest luxury hotels. The combination of the sophisticated modern comfort and Victorian grandeur is what it feels like to be in their Main House. Dine with the hotel’s “The Game Bird” restaurant and feel the warm and elegant ambiance of the surrounding. Stafford is an exceptional hotel recognized as an English five-star hotel. 

Price: Start at £438/night


13. Dakota Glasgow

Hop in with Dakota Glasgow hotel and experience their rooms designed on the emphasis of style and comfort. Their unique and detailed designed spacious rooms are ready for you. After taking a long trip, enjoy their unlimited Sky movies and Sky sports that keep you entertained. 

Price: Starts at £112/night  


14. The Chesterfield Mayfair

Radiating its classic charm and unique identity as one of the hotels in Mayfair, The Chesterfield is perfect for those who love to spend in cozy and chic places. Enjoy your afternoon tea or cocktail drinking experience as they are known as the best Dover Sole in London. 

Price: Starts at £274/night


Indeed, UK belongs to those who were built with a large pool of perfectly engineered, stylish interior and exterior design and most importantly they have hotel management staffs that offer one of the best services in the hotel industry. Among these hotels mentioned, you certainly are going to spend the best moments you can have in the United Kingdom. Choose which you think will suit your needs. Visit their websites have your reservation booked. 

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